Love Notes


Everything Is Practice



Everything is practice.

Anytime we're building any new habit, it's just practice. It's creating. We are literally creating the neural pathways in our brain for this new way of thinking or a new way of being.

Every time we practice our new habit, we give ourselves the message "well I survived again" "this is what I want" "that went well" or "I'm getting the results I want" and we end up building more and more trust in our new habit and our ability to create it.

The next layer is--once we'…

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Mirrors Are A Perfectionists Enemy



Mirrors are a perfectionist’s enemy. We look at it and we critique ourselves. We see what is wrong. 

I went to retreat for eight days where one of my goals was to embrace my beauty as I age. What happened was, for eight days, I barely looked in the mirror while I was there, but the rest of the time my reflection was given to me through the other participants who reflected my beauty, who reflected how much they appreciated me, who reflected how awesome they thought I was. 

And I felt so…

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When Ditching The Dream Is A Good Thing



I like to share books that support my growth and/or rock my world.  And Bethany is another friend's work I want to share in honor of my birthday month.  In fact, today is my birthday.  I am 61!  Woohoo!

Here is what I read in Bethany Clemenson’s book Ditching the Dream:  How to Live Life on Your Terms that clinched my decision to share it with you:

“Societally, we aren’t taught to trust ourselves.  We are taught to conform and be logical and realistic.  

  • Stand in line
  • Learn the way…

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Want to feel better? Do a small act of kindness


Kindness is good for you. If you want to know why, and get some ideas for small, kind, acts that help you feel better, watch this…

Kindness is powerful for others too. Here are 2 of my favorite videos about kindness. They make me cry and feel good about humanity, every time…

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I would love to hear about small acts of kindness you do that make you feel good. You can reach me at

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Your Words Matter: How to Talk to Yourself in a Way That Makes You Feel Better


I’ve been walking around lately saying “I’ve got this!”

I’ve been saying this partly because I’m in the midst of creating a new program and I always get scared when I do something new. I’ve also been saying it because winter is coming and I’m a little worried about how I’ll handle the pandemic without the sun. The winter days are dark and short here in Seattle.

But mostly I’m saying it because it feels good, and it helps me feel more motivated to tackle what I’m facing.

The longer I’m on this…

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Social Media and Your Body


Please watch The Social Dilemma. It will show you why we spend so much time on social media, what it is doing to our thinking, and the resulting social divide.

On a personal note, it helped partially explain to me why my brother-in-law and I, both good people, see the world so differently.

The reason I’m writing this Love Note though, is because the real take-away The Social Dilemma reminded me of, is the importance of learning to trust ourselves instead of our newsfeed.

Part of getting my Ph…

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Want to make your New Year’s Resolution last more than a week?


Welcome to the season of goal setting and self-flagellation!

I stopped setting New Year goals years ago, because I always started off the year feeling like a failure.  I am not alone.

Research has shown that less than 25% of people are still keeping their goals by the end of January.  Worse, only 8% of people achieve their New Year’s goals.

Nevertheless, we are still driven to set big goals, create vision boards, buy gym shoes, and hope for huge changes–because of a day on the calendar.


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What to do With Intrusive Thoughts


Have you ever had thoughts that just keep repeating, and repeating…and repeating?

You try to stop them.  You try to distract yourself, yet they just keep looping.

– Nope.  Me neither.  (Oh, how I wish that were true.)

If you are like most (read all) humans, you sometimes have thoughts that just won’t go away.  It happened to me today, which is why I am sitting at my dining room table at 8 o’clock at night, writing this newsletter.

I got triggered and the story started.  It is an old story, o…

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