Are you tired of being critical of yourself and beating yourself up?

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You're in the right place if...

Bullet Your friends and family see you as an incredible person, but you just can’t see it for yourself.

Bullet You question yourself at every turn, especially when it comes to trying something new, and that paralyzing self-doubt stops you in your tracks.

Bullet You feel stuck between where you are now and who you want to become, not realizing how those two realities can be one and the same.

Bullet You've read countless "self-help" books, blogs, and tried all kinds of things to try to change your insides and your outsides, but nothing seems to really stick and the changes all seem temporary, at best.

Stress----you recognize you're in a perpetual state of stress.  You do all the "outer things" but nothing is changing inside.  

You are trying to control so many things about your life, yet you feel out of control and overwhelmed.


The good news is that lasting change IS possible!

I am Dr. Jane, Self Compassion Expert and "Brain Geek." I use my 17+ years of clinical therapy experience combined with endless amounts of brain study, copious research, and years of teaching to guide people. We work together via online programs and private coaching to bring education, awareness, and deeper practices to help you live authentically and break those old habits that are holding you back. Because I know the struggle of self judgment and the power of healing it, I know you can learn self compassion too, and I'm honored to be your guide on this journey.


3 You can learn how to accept yourself as you are rather than as you think you should be.


3  You can trust your intuition and feel comfortable with your decisions.


3 You can be at peace with who you are in the world right now, without setting unrealistic expectations for yourself.


3 You can stop feeling stuck and find a path forward that aligns with your true self and have a clear direction for self care practices that are PROVEN and ACTUALLY WORK!


Are you ready to get started?


The path to self healing can vary for everyone, but I've found the best way to move forward is just one simple step at a time. People often find themselves overwhelmed and undersupported and get frustrated. They can find themselves stuck in the same patterns of self abandonment and self sabotage over and over again. It's not too late to change your story.


I'm ready and able to support you on your journey! Let's jump on a call today to find out if I'm the right person to help you get where you want to be! Click the link below to schedule a FREE Private 20 Minute Introductory Coaching Call and let's chat!