I’m Dr. Jane Tornatore.

I’m a therapist and speaker based in Seattle, WA. I have over 10 years of experience working with clients with just this type of problem. I draw on my extensive professional training and wide-ranging life experiences to help clients convert old patterns and unnecessary stress into more self-confidence and peace of mind.

Here’s the tool I’m sending you:
Change These Words, Change Your Mind

You can do it in less than a minute a day, but it takes awareness and practice.

Here’s why this tool helps:

We all have things we need to do, but when we think about doing them, we cringe, feel stressed, and wonder how we will ever do them.  We beat ourselves up because they should have been done already. We keep putting them off.  It feels awful.

Wouldn’t you rather, when you think of something on your list, think “Hmmm…let’s see when or how I can get that checked-off my to-do list?” Wouldn’t it be amazing to actually feel lighter when you think about something on your list?

I want to share with you one of the
first tools I give my clients.

People feel lighter and less tense.
When you use this tool, what you want to do will feel
easier and more possible.

Change These Words, Change Your Mind
can make the difference between going to
bed pissed off, and going to bed feeling
like you had an awesome day.

When people love themselves, they don’t judge others.
The more they love themselves, the better boundaries they have.
They teach others love by example.
People who love themselves show others what is possible
– kindness, love, acceptance, and forgiveness.
I want that for you, me, and everyone we meet.

Feel the Freedom!

When you use one of the alternative phrases, you experience less resistance
to doing the task you are avoiding, so you’re more likely to actually do it.
Cool, huh? Don’t take my word for it; try it in your life.
See the benefits this new practice brings,
and be on your way to a less stressful life. Yea!

Dr. Tornatore’s new book helps you get on the path to change your thought patterns, so you can align with who you actually are.