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Kindness Spreads

Kindness Spreads


I think kindness is one of the most powerful forces in the universe.  It multiplies in magical ways.

I was recently telling a client about a study which found that the two biggest factors in client success in therapy are: 

  • the therapist’s kindness toward themselves, and
  • the therapist’s willingness to be wrong. 

At first, I was stunned by that—it wasn’t anything about clients that determined success, it was therapist’s kindness and openness (and I would wager, self-compassion) t…

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Want to feel better? Do a small act of kindness


Kindness is good for you. If you want to know why, and get some ideas for small, kind, acts that help you feel better, watch this…

Kindness is powerful for others too. Here are 2 of my favorite videos about kindness. They make me cry and feel good about humanity, every time…

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I would love to hear about small acts of kindness you do that make you feel good. You can reach me at

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