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When Ditching The Dream Is A Good Thing



I like to share books that support my growth and/or rock my world.  And Bethany is another friend's work I want to share in honor of my birthday month.  In fact, today is my birthday.  I am 61!  Woohoo!

Here is what I read in Bethany Clemenson’s book Ditching the Dream:  How to Live Life on Your Terms that clinched my decision to share it with you:

“Societally, we aren’t taught to trust ourselves.  We are taught to conform and be logical and realistic.  

  • Stand in line
  • Learn the way…

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THE most effective way to stop judging yourself and others


Do you notice you are judging others a lot these days? Do you walk around criticizing the behaviors of others all the time?
How does it feel?
While we get an immediate rush of righteousness of being better than the other person, if we hold onto that feeling, it leads to feeling angry and frustrated. Not so helpful for our state of mind…
Watch this video to learn more about THE most effective way I’ve found to stop judging others. And BONUS, it will help you with your self-judgment too!


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Self-love Takes Courage


This past week was rugged for me.  I had a major disappointment and a part of myself I haven’t yet learned to completely love was alive and kicking.

I was reflecting on the dynamic that when we take actions to stretch our comfort zone, and it doesn’t work out as planned (or even when it does) we can get some pretty wicked backlash.

When we choose to love ourselves more, and allow more of our-self to come more alive, the old fears and lessons we learned WILL come up to be loved.

This is why se…

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How Food Affects Your Brain



One of the health practitioners I most trust to help my clients with their anxiety and depression is Kristen Allott, ND.

I have known Dr Allott, followed her work, and sent clients to her almost since I began my practice 15 years ago.  I regularly use her suggestions to help my clients change their eating to reduce their anxiety.

Now she and Natasha Duarte have written a book so they knowledge she gives to her clients is available to anyone!  Yay!

Fuel Your Brain, Not Your Anxiety:  S…

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Your Words Matter: How to Talk to Yourself in a Way That Makes You Feel Better


I’ve been walking around lately saying “I’ve got this!”

I’ve been saying this partly because I’m in the midst of creating a new program and I always get scared when I do something new. I’ve also been saying it because winter is coming and I’m a little worried about how I’ll handle the pandemic without the sun. The winter days are dark and short here in Seattle.

But mostly I’m saying it because it feels good, and it helps me feel more motivated to tackle what I’m facing.

The longer I’m on this…

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