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Girl Get Your Life Together:

One of the best things we can do for ourselves is dig deep and uncover why we do what we do. As I am sure you are aware now, this work is an intentional act that takes getting to know yourself, releasing connections to things that do not serve us, and choosing the energy and practices we want to grow through. An unhealed life often feels like an overwhelming sense of danger, powerlessness, and fear. Healing creates safety and empowers self-authority.

And yet, the question always is: how do we get there?

I sat down with Dr. Jane Tornatore to talk about the how. She and I share our best-used tools for healing in a fantastic conversation that will leave you with many starting points and excellent practices you can try right now to create or move you forward in your journey.

Her Success Story | Living By The Rules You Make

My episode with Ivy Slater on the Her Success Story podcast is now live! We chat about transitioning  from advertising to therapy; the single phrase that helped me find my path; the courage to start my own business; gratitude practices; the words I would ban to reduce stress in the body; actionable steps we can take to raise our level of awareness and reduce self-doubt; and so much more

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Her Success Story | Living By The Rules You Make

My episode with Ivy Slater on the Her Success Story podcast is now live! We chat about transitioning  from advertising to therapy; the single phrase that helped me find my path; the courage to start my own business; gratitude practices; the words I would ban to reduce stress in the body; actionable steps we can take to raise our level of awareness and reduce self-doubt; and so much more

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Looking For A Roadmap For Self-Acceptance  

Join me in my Conversation with Betsy where I talked about how the practice of gratitude changes our neural pathways, how we should recognize and feel our feelings, and about changing our words which causes us to have stress!

How Loving Yourself Can Change the World with Dr. Jane Tornatore

"What the world needs now, is love, sweet love..." Famous lyrics and such a true antidote for what we have going on on our planet today. Join me and self-love expert, psychotherapist, speaker, and author Dr. Jane Tornatore as we discuss how to move towards more self-love and acceptance and how this will not only change your life, but how it will have a positive ripple effect through all of your relationships. 


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Everything is Perfect, Just not Me A | Roadmap to Self-Acceptance  

Are you walking around stressed-out and often beating yourself up? Are you unable to make the changes you know will be good for you? Do you feel stuck? Do you realize you have the power to change your thoughts? 

Published Author Dr. Jane Tornatore joins the show, "Writing with Authors." 

"Do you know you can make your mind become your ally instead of the enemy? The journey of self-acceptance can be an arduous one, full of potholes and stumbling blocks. This book provides simple tools to get you on the path of changing your thought patterns to align with who you actually are, versus what you learned to believe about yourself."

"I promise it’s easier than you think! So, pick up this book, get comfy, and give yourself a chance to receive the self-compassion that will make your life better. Dr. Jane sees clients in her private practice and online group coaching programs. Please visit www.doctortornatore.com or www.everydaylove.me for more information, or contact us any time at hello@everydaylove.me."

This YouTube series interviews published writers in 10-minute shows. Each writer shares their tips for success, writing journey, and so much more.

Hey, I've Got Something To Say

Want a little shot of joy? Sandy Joy Weston is a delight to spend time with and I felt soooo good after sharing our stories. If you are a perfectionist, this show is definitely a helpful one to hear!


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The Voice of Intuition | Stop being so tough on yourself and learn to accept you  

I adore talking about intuition and in this podcast Susan Jane and I talk about how our intuition can help us be kinder to ourselves. What's not to love? <3

Your Next Stop | Overcoming adversity with Dr. Jane Tornatore  Episode #162

In this episode of Your Next Stop, Dr. Jane Tornatore, an author, therapist, speaker, and ADHD/Dyslexia individual, shares her inspiring story of overcoming adversity to become a successful business woman. Full episode in bio and stories.
In this episode, you will learn:
1. The power of storytelling to connect us and make us feel not alone.
2. How our experiences shape how we see life.
3. The importance of knowing your body and choosing the right medication or treatment option for you.



Aligned & Well | How To Make Self-Care Not Feel Selfish Episode #22 

Morning Upgrade Podcast | Changing the Way You Think About Goals with Dr. Jane Tornatore

Ryan Cote’s mission on The Morning Upgrade Podcast is to raise the awareness of the importance of morning routines and personal development. How we start our mornings influences our day.

We talk about:

– The importance of gratitude practice and how to improve your experience with it.
– Having small moments of quiet meditation throughout the day to help yourself relax.
– Changing the way you think about goals to create a healthier mentality for completing them.



The Burnout Show | Therapist Dr. Jane Tornatore shares the impact the pandemic has had on herself and others in her industry, as well as how they manage their own burnout while trying to support their clients.  


What a great talk! Self care is so important when you deliver mental health services for other. I talked with the lovely Jess Jones about the impact the pandemic has had on myself and others in the industry, as well as how we manage our own burnout while trying to support our clients. I hope you enjoy it!


Spreaker from iHeart | Dr. Jane Tornatore – Powerful Practices for Your Inner Perfectionist

Dr. Jane Tornatore is a brain geek and self love expert based in Seattle, WA. As a psychotherapist, coach, speaker, and author, she works with intelligent, motivated, high-achieving individuals who are committed to being better people, yet, they never feel better ENOUGH. What separates her from other coaches and therapists is her down to earth, humorous, practical, and SIMPLE approach. And because of this, her clients become aware of the unconscious beliefs that keep them stuck and unsatisfied, so they can choose thoughts and actions that actually work for them rather than making them feel like crap. She received a Master’s degree at the University of Illinois, and a PhD at the University of Minnesota. She has authored over 20 articles and published a book—Everything is Perfect, Just Not ME! A Roadmap for Self-Acceptance



Let’s Keep It Real Episode 171 | 3 Easy Peasy Ways to Manage Stress with Guest Dr. Jane Tornatore

  • 3 Easy Peasy Ways to Manage Stress
  • Why telling our story doesn't always help
  • How you know when your reaction is more from the past vs. the present moment


Positive on Publishing | Velcro to Good Feelings with Dr. Jane Tornatore


How to Change Thought Patterns & Stop Negative Self Talk with Jane Tornatore PhD, LMFT

As a recovering perfectionist, Dr. Jane knows the pain of being bogged down by old beliefs, feeling responsible for everything, and never quite measuring up to expectations.

Through her own ongoing inner growth work and exploration, she continues to discover the freedom and peace that come from questioning old beliefs, being gentler on herself, and living more from her heart, not expectations of others or old beliefs.

You’ll find this episode extremely valuable if, like me, you’re a recovery perfectionist and people pleaser!

The Healing Path | Body Tested Intuitive Decision Making

I would love to share with you my conversation with Laura Donnelly on the Healing Path Podcast.

Learning that we are lovable and trustworthy is how we get to self love. I share some of my super simple tools to help you trust yourself more and be kinder to yourself.


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Dream Builder Society Podcast | Recovering From Perfectionism


Are you a perfectionist?

In this episode, I share my life struggle with being a perfectionist and how I have been able to develop simple tools to help recover from my perfectionism ways. I have been a therapist for 16 years, now in private practice. I moved into my zone of genius by opening my own practice to help coach people to love themselves.

Get ready to find how to make some incredibly simple changes that will shift your perspective on being a perfectionist so that you can love and accept yourself where you are!

The Health Investment Podcast | Episode #119

I’m excited to share my interview on the Health Investment Podcast. In this podcast I share my journey to overcoming perfectionism and loving yourself for who you are. I believe it IS possible to have the power to change your thoughts! Please listen in today. 



Practically Well | Brain Hacks to Heal Perfectionism


Perfectionism–something so many of us struggle with!


Straight Talking Mental Health | Episode #60

“Straight Talking” is a perfect word for how Allen runs his podcast. Plus, I have never laughed so much in an interview. Good stuff. We’re straight talking perfectionism, how it develops, and the impact of having more compassion for ourselves. We share some great advice with how to deal with that inner critic.



The Kick Ass Mom Academy | Episode #52


Chelsea and I have so many of the same thoughts about how to love ourselves more. It was such a treat to talk about self-love with her.

We explore:

-What is looks like to hinge your self-worth on something outside of you – like a man’s love or your career progress.

-How sourcing self-worth externally makes it fragile.

-Self-love happens on a spectrum. Simply accepting that you will always be imperfect, without making it a big deal, is a great place to start.

-4 concrete tools for quieting the self-critical voices in your head.

The Mindful Psychology | Episode #69 

Gen Angela and I had a great talk! We discussed what happens when we compare ourselves and how it affects us. We also explored how we can change the way in which we speak to ourselves and why this matters.



Learning To Trust Yourself and Your Intuition with Dr. Jane Tornatore & Kristy  Martin | Episode #90

In this episode of The Self Project Podcast:

* Embracing who you are
* Identifying when you are in that space of being lost
* How to begin redefining yourself

Building Psychological Strength Podcast | Episode # 254

If there is one topic that is getting more attention in the field of Psychology than anything else right now it is self-compassion. Self-compassion is our ability to relate to ourselves with kindness and without judgement, even when things have gone wrong.

During my conversation with Dr. April Seifert, we talk about the critical importance of developing self-compassion, the brain science behind its power, and practical ways to get started.

Catch this episode, and share it with someone else who needs this powerful message.



The Visionary Collective with Jamie Molnar and Olivia Pelts


Starting a private practice can be daunting. Oftentimes we only see the highlight reel in business – the successes. We see the finished products. But we don’t see all of the other stuff it takes to get there – the late nights, the mindset struggles, the fear, the finances. And not everyone is completely honest about the highs and lows of the process. But we are. And in this episode we get real with you on what it really takes to be successful in business as a healer.

Article featured in ShoutoutDFW

I was interviewed on ShoutoutDFW!



Health, Happiness, Human Kind with Steph Lowe


I was interviewed by Steph Lowe for the Health Happiness & Humankind podcast!

In our conversation you will:
-Learn why people are prejudiced (no, it isn’t because they are just stupid)
-Understand why is is SO HARD to go against the crowd
-Learn a fabulous tool to test what is good for you and what isn’t
-Get the #1 tool I give my clients to decrease their anxiety

I hope you’ll join us.

Mapping Through Life | Episode #019

I’m honored that Caitlin chose to read a chapter from my book about “The Feelings Model”. Learn how your feelings work, and how to move through you them more quickly.



HerPrenuer | Episode #107


This podcast is for anyone who never feels good enough; always compares yourself to others, and feels like everyone has it more together than you. Or perhaps you have done a lot of self-help books and courses but are still looking for that missing thing. This interview is with Annette Lackovick, an amazing woman who helps female entrepreneurs…She is a natural at self-compassion!

We unravel the language that is killing our daily vibe and the exact words we can use to flick the switch to empower us immediately. We also share how self love and business integrates…your business will become more successful the more self love you have. Who doesn’t want to be more successful?

Dialed IN with Bethany Clemenson | Day 3

I was interviewed on Dialed IN! Bethany Clemenson is one of my favorite people on this planet. I just met her, but her energy and passion to help people be better is infectious.

Here are some of the things we talk about:

-How self love is like exercise
-Our body’s role in self love
-Ask yourself what story are you telling yourself. Is it true?

jane t awaken the savage podcast

Awaken the Savage | Episode #37


In Awaken the Savage (how cool of a name is that?) you will hear Lili and I talk about:

-My Orange Bowl Theory and why we lose when we compare ourselves to others

-How fear contracts us

-Why our old, unhelpful beliefs are like an old rusted gate

You’ll also hear my story of the person in college who was so honest she scared me to bits, so I knew I wanted her for a life-long friend!

Mind Over Matter Podcast with Heather Hakes| Episode # 291

Heather and I had a wonderful conversation about how the brain works, how to spread compassion, and her question at the end is so powerful and my answer brought tears to my eyes.

Health Coach Radio with Erin Power and Laura Rupsis


In My interview on the Primal Health Coach Institute podcast is live!  I could talk to Erin and Laura all day long.  We are definitely of like minds.  We all share tips to help people change their lives.  

Mastering Your Wellness

Some of the topics we discussed are:
1. How to stop negative thoughts swirling around your head
2. Perfectionism and the pressure to be perfect
3. How to stop seeking external validation & praise

I hope that this episode will give you some comfort knowing that you’re not alone with the thoughts that you have and overcoming all of the above may be easier than you think



Mental Wealth for Entrepreneurs | Episode # 19


Dr Katerina Thomas was so interesting to speak with! In this podcast you’ll hear the 2 practices I did to get myself out of $ fear, and why affirmations don’t work for many and how to make them work for you. If you want to see us talking, you can watch the interview on YouTube!


Positively Living

IMy interview on Lisa Zawrotny’s Positively Living Podcast is up! Lisa and I are kindred spirits. In it you will hear my story about how I made my life hard in Kindergarten, and at the end, you’ll hear 2 super simple practices to reduce your stress.


Thrive Global

Here’s an article I got published on Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global.

How a Sentence Changed My Life — How a Break-up and Thoughts of Suicide Started my Path to Self-Love

Connectfulness | Episode #22

I loved this conversation with Rebecca, she is so thoughtful, wise, loving, and one of the best listeners I know. This episode highlights helpful ways to tend to our selves, reclaim power, and perhaps help us soothe our selves when we don’t have the power to change our situation.


Hope To Recharge | Episode #107

We talk about self-acceptance and learning to love yourself. Matana is a delight! My favorite part is when we talk about creating little sentences of hope through-out your day (around the 50 minute mark.

Essentially You | Episode #196

I am so excited to be a part of Dr. Mariza Snyder’s podcast, Essentially You. Mariza has spent the last 2 years creating something incredibly valuable to help reinvent your health with safer, more effective natural solutions and powerful lifestyle changes. Join us today to learn why perfectionism happens neurologically and easy ways you can calm your inner critic so you can approach your life without the beliefs that limit you. That’s how you’re going to reach your highest potential, and I’m honored to be on this journey helping you get thereen we don’t have the power to change our situation!


The Gratitude Podcast

Georgian Benta is just a good human being. What our ego really wants… Why a gratitude practice changes our brain and our thoughts.. Why being proud of ourselves is actually good

Incredible Life Creator | Episode #68

“In this podcast you will hear:

  • The gifts that we can receive from Alzheimer’s
  • Why our brain often seems like it is working against us
  • Why talking to our ego helps
  • A tip for what to say to ourselves when we are suffering, and
  • Words that automatically create stress.

And that’s just the first half!”


Learning Life Podcast | Episode #63

In this podcast, Jon and Jane talk about learning to love yourself. Woohoo!

How to Move from Stressed Out to Peace of Mind Episode #249

Women Worldwide with Deirdre Breakenridge interviews Dr. Jane Tornatore on How to Move from Stressed Out to Peace of Mind. So many people walk around living in and with unnecessary stress. Dr. Jane Tornatore, a therapist and speaker in Seattle, WA, helps people convert outdated patterns and stress into more freedom, joy, and authenticity. She shares how people process stress, when many of our mindset issues form, and how we can overcome them and maintain a less stressful lifestyle.

Therapy Chat Podcast | Learning To Be Kind With Ourselves Episode #204

In this episode, host Laura Reagan, speaks to Dr. Jane Tornatore about learning to be kind with ourselves. Dr. Jane Tornatore has dedicated her career to helping people be kinder to themselves. Her style incorporates compassion, curiosity, deep listening, and heartfelt optimism, along with powerful shots of playfulness. She draws on her extensive professional training and wide-ranging life experiences to help people release old patterns and unnecessary stress.

The Change Makers | Being A Recovering Perfectionist Episode #94

Is that a box?
Dr. Jane Tornatore talks with The Change Makers about how to use thoughts and feelings to lower stress instead of being the source of your own stress. Sharing simple tools to use everyday that give you the power to create more peace and calm in your life.

Inspired Conversations Podcast | With Amy Schuber Episode #395 

Dr. Tornatore talks about why self-love is important at this juncture in time and the path to self-acceptance.

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