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As Featured In

The Change Makers

Ep#94 | Being Recovering Perfectionist – is that a box?
Dr. Jane Tornatore talks with The Change Makers about how to use thoughts and feelings to lower stress instead of being the source of your own stress. Sharing simple tools to use everyday that give you the power to create more peace and calm in your life.


Inspired Conversations Podcast Episode 395 with Amy Schuber

Dr. Tornatore talks about why self-love is important at this juncture in time and the path to self-acceptance.


Masters in Clarity – Clarity TV

A conversation with Dr. Jane Tornatore about self-love
Dr. Jane Tornatore is a therapist, speaker, and author based in Seattle, WA STATE. She has been in private practice for 15 years. Her style incorporates compassion, curiosity, deep listening, and heartfelt optimism, along with powerful shots of playfulness. Jane has dedicated her career, and her life, to help people love themselves and have self-compassion.

Masters in Clarity – Clarity TV’s Site


Natural Health Advisory

Dr. Tornatore shows NHAI’s Dr. Kathleen Jade three powerful tools that help control how your mind and body react to stress.

Public Speaking

Dr. Tornatore talks at Foss Home and Village about Brain Health.

Interview with Miranda Palmer, LMFT

Dr. Tornatore talks about her journey to becoming a therapist with Miranda Palmer, LMFT.


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Is it time to take away the keys?

Interview by Right At Home, Dr. Tornatore’s Conversations about Safety vs. Freedom Interview starts at 17 minutes. Press play, or listen at 17 minutes: HERE

Newsweek Article

Newsweek wrote an article about a computerized screening measure for mild cognitive impairment, developed by Screen Inc. The name of the measure is the CANS-MCI. Dr. Tornatore published the article which Newsweek says established the screening’s Reliability and validity.

A link to the original article

Newsweek Article

Dr. Tornatore’s original article

Dr. Tornatore’s Article

Learn More at The Screen Inc. website

Screen Inc.

Seattle Times wrote an article about fighting memory loss through brain games, exercise and rest. Dr. Tornatore was asked her professional opinion on the matter.

A link to the original article.


Seattle Times: An article about the uptick in patients struggling with post-election anxiety. Dr. Tornatore is quoted with some helpful tips on how to keep our anxiety at bay.

A link to the original article.


Dr. Tornatore’s recent blog post, Possibility – More Powerful than Depression, was recently published on the PsychCentral website.

Mother Nature Network Quoted Dr. Jane in their inspired article, “Why multitasking just doesn’t work – Doing too much at once can actually make you less productive.”

Family Minded Article

Dr. Tornatore was featured in the Family Minded article, “How to Ask Your Boss for a More Flexible Work Schedule.” Dr. Tornatore said it is best to prepare your responses to your manager’s fears ahead of the conversation. “Your boss will want strong assurances your work will get done, your flexibility in time will not interfere with your work with other team members, and the customers will stay satisfied,” she said. Read more of the article below.