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Do you feel like you are never good enough?

Do you deflect compliments because you don’t feel you deserve them?

Are you constantly beating yourself up?

You are not alone.

Do you want to move from beating yourself up to having compassion for yourself?

Do you want to spread more kindness in the world, starting with yourself?

Do you want tools to help you love yourself more?

Introducing the 8-week Self-Love Series
for Women

Learn the tools to change how you think about and treat yourself.

During this 8-week series, you will gain tools for awareness, compassion, self-talk, self-care, love and acceptance. You will have time to practice new ways of liking yourself in a community that provides support, accountability, and caring.  You will be in a community of people who want the same thing you do, more love for themselves, their lives, and others.

During the 8 weeks we will focus on:

This course is led by Dr. Jane Tornatore.

Jane is a therapist and speaker based in Seattle, WA. She has over 10 years of experience working with clients on self-love and self-care. She draws on her extensive professional training and wide-ranging life experiences to help clients convert old patterns and unnecessary stress into more self-confidence and peace of mind.

Why this group is being offered…

When people love themselves they don’t judge. The more they love themselves, the better boundaries they have. They teach others love by example. People who love themselves show others what is possible – kindness, love, acceptance, and forgiveness. I want that for you, me, and everyone we meet.

Every Day Love Course Details:

Location: Wallingford

Time: Tuesdays 6:00-8:30pm

Dates: September 18 to November 6, 2018

Applicants: This course is built to support women.

To Schedule a Pre-Course Interview: Call 206-769-8108

Cost: Early bird registration until August 17: $445.
After that the course is full price at: $495

*Bring a friend and save 10% of both your registrations!*


“From the group I got a deep connection and understanding of myself, the courage and support to continue with small steps, connection with like-minded women, and professional insight to my challenges, and the power to love myself.”

“You know what you are doing and you are doing the right thing.”

“It was very helpful to learn to feel safe and vulnerable in a group.”

“Dr. Tornatore’s Every Day Love class was great to help me in fighting my problems with shame, working on my issues with how and why to set boundaries, and learning what it means to treat myself well and love myself.”

“I was in a room full of women who had the desire to love themselves better…Their vulnerability and courage were fun and interesting and educational.”

Jane has a way of making me understand that she too is not perfect and is on her own journey of self-love and learning.”

“I saw areas of myself I had not seen before and then had a safe place to explore that in the course!”

“It was a great experience and I would repeat again!”

“The course was fabulous!  I am so grateful to have participated.  I am seeing changes every day.”


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Early bird registration until August 17: $445. After that the course is full price at: $495.
*Bring a friend and save 10% of both your registrations!*